Get Involved

Make a Difference
Do you recognise the need to support our young people and the value in maintaining our community spaces? If so, there are lots of ways to get involved and help us make a difference.


Hungerford Youth and Community have already benefited from the generous patronage of several grant-giving bodies. If you are an organisation who would like to support our work or know of any bodies the Committee should approach, we would love to hear from you.

The benefits! Of course, we know that our generous donors are motivated by providing a space where the community can gather, particularly our younger generations. However, we are always pleased to promote your support by:

  • Organisation of cheque presentations (if required)
  • Inclusion of donor/sponsor logo on our website
  • Promotion of your support via our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Quarterly Newsletter
  • Regular fundraising progress updates


You can make a one-off donation to Hungerford Youth and Community at any time. Please do contact our Director, Harriet Lamb, for more information on how you can do so. Or donate directly to our platform on the Good Exchange.

You can support us through the West Berkshire Lottery by buying a ticket for our cause. 

Volunteer your time

Our groups run because of the generous donation of our volunteers time. Many of our volunteers are Youth Leaders who benefit from the opportunity to gain responsibility and volunteering experience. If you are an adult or young person who would like to get involved with supporting the Committee or one of the groups, please do contact us.