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Following our success in scooping a massive £24,000 at Greenham Trusts’s Pitch to the Panel 2017, planning work has begun on our new kitchen!

We have many plans for our new kitchen;

  • Our existing youth clubs will be able to run healthy eating workshops. This is especially important to #ICE – a youth club for children with additional needs. They will use the kitchen to teach basic cooking skills to young people in order to prepare them for independent living.
  • We also want to co-ordinate food collections in partnership with FareShare so that volunteers can gather once a month and prepare meals for the elderly and for vulnerable families. Meals will be delivered, creating a web of community links.
  • Groups will be able to book the kitchen specifically for healthy food projects: for example cooking for families on a budget – cooking for students, etc.
  • We will hold cafe sessions for groups such as young carers, mothers with post natal depression, people suffering from depression, people living with dementia.

The new kitchen will be at the heart of this project, providing the facilities and the focus for community action.


A successful 2017!

2017 was a really successful year. As well as our fruitful ‘Pitch to the Panel’, the Centre benefited from the patronage of several grant-giving bodies as well as donations from generous individuals. Our sincere thanks to all our supporters and sponsors. Below are the items that were funded.

As well as the daily running of the Centre, we made some significant and much needed improvements to our fixtures and fittings including:

  • A new outdoor display cabinet which is a great asset in informing and promoting all that is going on in the Centre.
  • A new parking sign, fire assembly point & post, fire action signs and tap for hose attachment.
  • Updating the Centre’s alarm system.
  • New urinals.
  • New tables and bar stools.
  • New blinds.
  • Installation of mood lighting (oooh!).
  • And a new suggestions box which enables users to write helpful suggestions or comments about the Centre.

We have also added to our group resources, purchasing:

  • A set of new cymbals + 2 new mikes for Hogan Music’s Jam Club,
  • Giant games for our youth group participants.

To help with the running and funding of the Centre, we have also invested in:

  • A regular handyman (once a month), who has already made himself indispensable with disposal of leaves, dump runs to free up storage and new shelving in our store room.
  • The employment of one of our excellent youth workers to maintain our multi-skills court.
  • Fundraising buckets.
  • Affiliation subscription to Berkshire Youth – a valuable source of advice.

Hungerford Youth and Community Centre Open Day

Finally, we held a brilliant Open Day to thank our wonderful supporters, volunteers and users of the Centre. On the day we treated our attendees to a free meal, Waterwars and Pop the Balloon game as well as some branded cotton bags (which we hope you will spot out and about in Hungerford!).



Our ambitions for 2019

A new surface for the Multi-Skills Court
To make the most of this great resource used by so many of our members.

If you recognise the need to support our young people and the value in maintaining our community spaces, there are lots of ways to get involved and help us make a difference.